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welcome to stretch audio's on-line shop, the home of our debut product:



soundstretcher® is a portable music sampler designed specifically to be used as a transcription and general aural training aid for both amateur and professional musicians.


Using soundstretcher®, a musician can analyse a complex passage of music, for example a fast jazz saxophone solo, or a rock guitar riff, and confidently identify individual notes as they are being played. The musician may then attempt to directly reproduce the passage on his or her instrument, or may want to transcribe the music onto manuscript paper.


The product is targeted principally at student and professional jazz musicians, but any musician who strives to include an element of improvisation in his or her music could benefit from it.



Stretch Audio Ltd,18 Armley Park Road, Leeds LS12 2PG;

company number: 06245659, VAT number: GB 931 6261 37


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